Peak Oil strikes again

Enjoy low oil prices while you can: guru

Henry Groppe, founder of Houston-based Groppe, Long & Littell, is 83 years old, a vegetarian and has been a forecaster in the oil and gas business since 1955. And he is not afraid to go against the conventional wisdom. One year back he predicted the oil price would collapse in the second half of the year -- and not reach the much talked-about price of US$200 a barrel.
Now Groppe, a special advisor to the Toronto-based Middlefield group of companies, has done his analysis and concluded that between now and year end the price of oil will double. If that forecast pans out, oil will hit US$80 a barrel, or more than double what others are predicting. His advice to consumers: Enjoy the current low gas prices, because they won't last for much longer.

A minha opinião é a mesma: Quer pela via do controlo da oferta por partes dos paises produtores, quer pela via dos riscos de inflacção a 2 dígitos, depois do fim do actual ciclo deflaccionista, o petroleo voltará a subir. Aliás, como o ouro que hoje está a 740€ a onça.

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