Os «austríacos» «say it better»: A criação de moeda sem poupança leva ao investimento não produtivo

Printing Like Mad - Frank Shostak - Mises Institute
We live in an age of grave economic ignorance, if central-bank policy is an indication of prevailing economic theory. It is apparent that we've learned nothing from several millennia of monetary destruction. The persistent demonstration that capital, not paper, is the basis for prosperity has fallen on deaf ears. Daily, we face the sad spectacle of government officials, pundits, and even Nobel laureates telling us that printing money is the answer to an economic downturn.
The artificial lowering of interest rates and monetary pumping only give rise to various false activities by diverting a portion of the flow of real savings to these activities. The more false activities that emerge on the back of the artificial lowering of interest rates and monetary pumping, the less real savings will be available for wealth-generating activities.

Exemplos lisboetas: Especuladores de bolsa alavancados, Expo98, Euro2004, obras megalomanas de Lisboa, excesso de capacidade instalada dos fornecedores de Bens e Serviços não Transaccionáveis, etc.

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