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Mais um argumento para «os» chamar de «mouros», enviado por CCz:

No mundo árabe: "The classical consumer city is a centre of government and military protection or occupation, which supplies services – administration, protection – in return for taxes, land rent and non-market transactions. Such cities are intimately linked to the state in which they are embedded.

The flowering of the state and the expansion of its territory and population tend to produce urban growth, in particular that of the capital city.

In Europe cities are instead much closer to being producer cities. The primary basis of the producer city is the production and exchange of goods and commercial services with the city’s hinterland and other cities. The links that such cities have with the state are typically much weaker since the cities have their own economic bases. It is this aspect that accounts for the fact that Arab cities suffered heavily with the breakdown of the Abbasid Empire, while European cities continued to flourish despite political turmoil.

Between 1000 and 1300 Europe acquired an urban system dominated by typical producer cities, which prospered in spite of Europe’s political fragmentation. In fact, this fragmentation was strongly enhanced by the rise of independent communes – city-states, or cities with a large degree of local authority – which form the core of the political system of Europe’s urban belt stretching from Northern Italy to the Low Countries. Indeed, we still find this pattern in the so-called ‘Hot Banana’ – the industrial agglomeration that stretches from the southern UK to the Netherlands, through Germany and down to northern Italy.

Arab cities at this time were, by contrast, heavily influenced by strong, predatory states that could, and oftentimes did, impose a heavy tax or military burden on the cities in their realms. Under these predatory regimes it was typically only the capital city thrived, with this honour shifting from Baghdad to Damascus, Fez, Cairo and finally to Istanbul."

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CCz disse...

Producers cities, e vêm-me à cabeça nomes como S. João da Madeira, Trofa, Vale de Cambra, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vizela, ...

Soren disse...

Um dos melhores textos que ja li. Uma mistura de Antropologia com Urbanismo.

De facto so nao ve quem nao quer, que o nosso pais precisa urgentemente de uma regionalizaçao.

Os portugueses precisam de ser responsabilizados. Senao, o centralismo vai dar em atraso irrecuperavel e anarquia perante o descrédito, ja visivel, das instituiçoes democraticas.

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