Nos EUA, os investimentos em aeroportos estão a ser cancelados

As Passengers Disappear, Airports Scale Back Projects - NYTimes.com
At Oakland International Airport in California, for example, a $1 billion plan to build a third terminal was shelved last summer after ExpressJet withdrew from the market, Aloha Airlines went out of business and other carriers, especially Southwest Airlines, cut back on flights. Passenger traffic fell by 30 percent, creating a ripple effect at the airport’s restaurants and car rental operations, which also generate cash. Food and beverage revenue dropped by 25 percent; car rental revenue by 20 percent.
Instead of building a new terminal, Oakland is doing a $200 million facelift of an existing terminal. Fewer passengers, officials say, makes it easier for workers to do the rehabilitation.
“One has to look ahead 10 to 20 years,” said Steve Grossman, the Oakland aviation director. “But you have to be realistic about the short run. We could not afford to build the terminal and cover the carrying costs in the short run. We told that to the airlines and they thanked me. We’ve never seen anything like this decrease in traffic. Never.”

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